Setup NamelessMC forum

How to install and setup NamelessMC with your web hosting plan.

PlutoNode will not assist with NamelessMC installations, as it is external software. This guide is purely for educational purposes, and not an official installation guide.

NamelessMC is free and open source forum (CMS) software purposefully designed for Minecraft servers and their communities. If it hasn't got a feature you're after, it's fully modular design allows for easy installation of custom themes and addons such as the Nexus Template or Forms Module making it the most ideal forum solution for any given server.


Step 1

Download the files from their website, you'll need to download both and nameless-deps-dist.tar.xz.

Step 2

Head over to the "File Manager" and in the public_html folder, delete any existing files and upload the two files you previously downloaded.

Once the files are uploaded, select them both and click extract.

Step 3

Move the contents of the extracted folder into public_html and delete the now empty nameless folders.

Step 4

Navigate to your domain name in your browser and follow the setup page. Select "New Installation" then Proceed. On the General Configuration form, put your domain name in the Hostname field, leave Installation Path empty, enable Friendly URLs and then click "Proceed".


Step 1

Head over to the mySQL Management page on your web hosting panel and click the "Create new Database" option.

Step 2

For simplicity, put NamelessMC for both the Database Name and User then click "Create Database". Copy and paste the provided details into the Database details form in the NamelessMC setup, you can leave the Character Set and Database Storage Engine as is. When all is done, click "Proceed".


Step 1

NamelessMC requires an email account to send emails from such as account creation, password reset and more, so you'll need to create a email account for NamelessMC to use via the web hosting panel. You can find a guide on how to create an email account here to follow.

Step 2

On the NamelessMC setup page, put [email protected] for the Contact Email and [email protected] for the Outgoing Email then click "Proceed". Replace with your domain name!

First account

Simply provide your desired username, email and password for the first NamelessMC account, this will be the primary admin account for administrating the forum. You can then click "Proceed", then "No" followed by "Finish".

You will now be prompted to login to the staff panel, where you can manage your forum.

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