Setup Dynmap plugin

Dynmap allows you to view a map of your server world within a web browser.

In this article, we will discuss how to pre-render your dynmap. At the end of this guide, your entire world should be generated and visible. If you're unsure what Dynamp is, we recommend reviewing their documentation for further information.

What is Dynmap?

Dynmap is a plugin that allows you to create a live map of your world for your players to see. The map can be viewed in any web browser. Adding the Dynmap plugin to your server is a great way to increase engagement with players.

Setting up Dynmap

  1. Make sure all of your chunks are pre-generated. We recommend using Chunky for this, and following our "Chunky pre-generation" article.

  2. Install the Dynmap plugin. Drag-and-drop the downloaded JAR file into your server's plugins directory and restart your server.

  3. After all chunks have been pre-generated, use the /dynmap fullrender command, and wait for it to complete. This step may take a few hours to finish.

  4. If you wish to stop the render, you can use the /dynmap cancelrender command.

Once your map is finished, it should look something like this:

Final tips

  • You should only fullrender Dynmap when nobody is on your server. This is because a fullrender can use a lot of CPU and cause some server lag.

  • Dynmap is quite slow to render. While it produces some beautiful views, it may be faster to use a plugin like SquareMap or Pl3xMap instead, especially if you are just interested in flat maps.

  • Fully rendering Dynmap takes considerable CPU power and will increase memory usage.

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