Server startup options

Edit your game server startup variables in just a few clicks.

This guide is designed with the assumption that you're running Minecraft. If you're hosting a different game, some options will be different.

Startup variables allow you to edit the startup process for your game server. To get started, navigate to the Game Panel. Select "Startup" from the sidebar menu.

Docker image

Please open a ticket to request to change the docker image / Java version.

Jar file

This is the name of the server jar file to run the server with. If you're using our version manager, most of the time this will be left as "server.jar" (the default). However, to use uploaded server versions, you'll need to edit this option accordingly.

Server version

This is the version to install. Use "latest" to install the latest version. Go to Settings > Reinstall Server to apply. This will vary depending on your version.

Startup command (Extra)

You can select a command from a few available options. If you wish to use a command which is not listed in the dropdown menu, then please open a ticket.

All Minecraft hosting plans are installed with the latest version of PaperMC by default. You can change this by uploading a new JAR file or using the version manager.

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