Accessing your server

How to access your Dedicated Server for the first time.


  1. Login to the Dedicated Server Panel with the credentials that were provided to during the setup phase of your server.

  2. Click the server you would like to manage.

  3. Scroll down to the "OS and Login Credentials" section of the page, this is the user name and password that you will use to access the server.

  4. Scroll down to "Server IP Assignments" and find the "Usable Range". The server is configured with only the first usable IP in the range, use this server IP to access your server. Please note that in some cases, you may need to switch the drop down to an IPv4 address if it defaults to an IPv6 address.

SSH Login

If your server has Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian etc.) installed, you will access the server using SSH:​

  • For Linux users with a Linux server, execute ssh -l usernamehere IPaddresshere and replace usernamehere with your username and IPaddresshere with the first usable IP.

  • For Windows users with a Linux server, download Termius and connect using your first usable IP. You can also use Windows Terminal or Putty instead of Termius.

  • To gain root access in Ubuntu, execute "sudo su" and type in the password you used to log into the server.

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