Fabric vs Forge

Which server JAR should I use for running a modded server?

Fabric and Forge are the most popular Minecraft server JARs, and in this article we'll be discussing the pros and cons of each one. Download links will be provided for both.

If you are interested in using the latest and greatest mods, Fabric is the server JAR for you. While you can have excellent modded Minecraft experiences with Fabric, there are also vanilla-compatible mods available that greatly improve client and server-side performance. If you want to maintain vanilla parity and improve performance for your server, we recommend using Fabric and some if its many enhanced performance mods.

Forge is the classic modded Minecraft server JAR. Forge supports many fun mods and modpacks, and you can really have a blast with your friends if you're getting bored of vanilla minecraft. Forge doesn't have too much in the way of performance mods though, and is more "legacy" than fabric, so we generally recommend using Fabric instead of Forge if your mods support both mod loaders.


While both are good options for running a modded server, Fabric does take the win here. Whilst Forge supports a huge variety of mods and modpacks, it lacks performance mods. Fabric offers a solution, and improves both client and server-side performance. Therefore, we'd recommend using Fabric on your Minecraft server, but feel free to experiment with either!

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