Connect your domain

Connect your own domain ( to your PlutoNode Minecraft server.

It is possible to link your domain name to a Minecraft server through DNS records. This will mean that your domain (e.g., etc.) will point to your server's IP address.

We recommend using Cloudflare to buy a domain, therefore we'll use Cloudflare as an example in this guide. However, this guide will work with all registrars.

A Record

Create an A record that points your domain to the server following this instruction.

Use these values for your A record: Name: The subdomain to use (e.g. play). To use the root domain, enter "@". IPv4 Address: The IP adddress of your Minecraft server. TTL: Auto If you are using Cloudflare, set the proxy status as "Unproxied".

SRV Record

You don't need an SRV record if you're using port 25565 (Dedicated IP Address addon).

Create an SRV record when you're running a server with a custom port.

Use these values for your SRV record: Name: (replace "play" with your subdomain used in the A record setup. If you're using the root domain then set the name to _minecraft._tcp). Priority: 0 Weight: 5 Port: The port of your Minecraft server. Target: The intended target (e.g., etc.). TTL: Auto


The DNS records should propagate fairly quickly, however in rare cases it may take up to 24 hours.

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