Billing basics

Getting started with PlutoNode billing.

We offer refunds if the service was purchased within 24 hours prior to the refund request. Please see our Terms of Service for more information. Excludes Dedicated Servers & Addons.

Purchasing a service

Please purchase services via our billing area. An invoice will be generated upon checkout which must be paid using your desired payment method.

All orders (excluding Dedicate Servers) are automatically deployed.

Upgrading a service

Need more power? It's very easy to upgrade a service or switch plans. Simply login to the Client Area, select the service you wish to upgrade, then use the menu to select "upgrade/downgrade".

Using coupons

You can get discounts through sales or partner codes. Make sure to enter your coupon code upon checkout, as it'll be automatically applied. Be mindful that these are not affiliate links.

Paying renewal invoices

Each month on the renewal date, an invoice will be automatically sent to your client email. If you setup the billing cycle as a subscription, then you will be automatically charged. If not, you will have to login to the Client Area and manually pay the invoice.

Cancelling services

Should you wish to cancel a service, you may request to do so via the Client Area. Please open a Billing Support Ticket and request a cancellation. We require at least 72 hours of notice prior to renewal, and at least 10 days for Dedicated Servers.

Missed payments

When you miss a renewal date, your service will be suspended after a fixed time. We will attempt to send multiple payment reminders via email. If the invoice is not paid within a fixed time, your service will be terminated (all data will be deleted). Overdue invoices will have a £3.00 late fee added.

Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.

Updating payment methods

We currently support PayPal and debit/credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover). All payments are handled through the PayPal gateway - you can pay using a card without a PayPal account. If you are having trouble switching payment methods, please open a ticket for assistance.

For advanced billing support, please open a ticket within the Client Area.

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